FCSLA Life - Producer Gateway



The Producer Gateway is a tool for our Licensed Insurance Sellers. Navigating Gateway is easy if you are familiar with the general operations of an online sales illustration system and using the internet. The site is designed as a "Sales Notebook". Simply login to open the book.  Before you begin, please review the user requirements.


  • Only contracted agents and licensed members are given access to Producer Gateway. Licensed members must submit a copy of their license(s) prior to receiving a logon user id and password.
  • Your computer must have access to the internet to use our web based illustration system.
  • We recommend setting your screen size to a minimum of 1152 x 864 to eliminate the need for scrolling.
  • It is recommended that you have at least Internet Explorer 6 (or Mozilla Firefox) and Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.0. Please note: Safari and Google Chrome web browsers are not supported.
  • Set your browser security options to "ENABLE POP-UPS" for our web address (
  • Adobe Acrobat reader is required and can be downloaded free of charge from the login page.
  • As our illustrations are web based, it is advised that you protect your computer with antivirus and spy ware protection software. Protect your key link to this important sales tool.
  • If you have any questions regarding the Gateway Illustration system you may use the convenient Contact Us link or call 1-800-464-4642 ext 1062.

Your session may time out after 30 minutes of inactivity. If this happens, you will receive a message.
Just click the link to log back in.


Illustration - A sales presentation or depiction of the guaranteed and non-guaranteed elements of a certificate through product maturity. The rules for illustrations protect consumers and encourage consumer education.

Issue State or Contract State - For sales purposes, the contract state is defined as the state of residence of certificate owner. The application, illustration, and resultant contract forms should consistently reflect the owner's contract state. This will also be the state that a member will contact to seek consumer protection.

Non-Conforming Illustration form - All applications must be accompanied by either a signed compliant illustration or a signed "Non-Conforming Illustration" form. The applicant must retain a signed copy of the form used in the sale. Appropriate signatures (yours and the applicant) are required.

Sales Practices - No written alterations or verbal misstatements are permitted when using illustrations. Care must be taken to fully educate the applicant about the Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed aspects of the product. Protect member privacy by abiding by all of our current confidentiality policies.